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Job description:

Job responsibilities:
1, master lecture skills, flexible adjustment of the atmosphere of the meeting site, to actively mobilize the enthusiasm of the enthusiasm of the site customers, through conference marketing, sales targets;
2, according to the company's product promotion requirements, is responsible for the promotion of products and services, and actively explore, guide and mobilize the desire of customer demand;
3, combined with the effect of meeting activities, summed up and put forward the proposal to solve the problem of rationality, to assist the project leader to optimize the activities;
4, summarize, sum up the work flow and key points, and the formation of the company standardized operating system;
5, responsible for the completion of the production of the conference courseware, and according to the requirements of the meeting theme to adjust the contents of the meeting and curriculum.
Job requirements:
1.25 years old to 45 years old, medical professionals, with medical, health and other related professional knowledge, health lecturer;
2 have more than 2 years training experience or conference marketing or direct experience; have strong field control ability and communication skills, good language expression ability;
3 full of passion, can bear strong pressure, skilled use of Excel form, making PPT courseware.

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