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Job description:

Job responsibilities:
1 responsible for the company's overall planning, promotion, publicity, implementation, the implementation of the leadership of the decision-making, the planning department for daily management;
2 responsible for the overall control of the company's planning work, including the organization, participation, guidance of the annual planning program and the development of the stage, the activities of the validation; familiar with the basic laws and regulations of the pharmaceutical industry;
3 complete the overall planning of the company's products and marketing project planning, design, and guide the coordination of planning department members to complete the stage of the program, design and other work, with the marketing center stage to make matching work;
4 complete the integration of the company's identification system and planning design, the company's large-scale activities of the planning organization and the core copy of the writing;
5 responsible for brand promotion, project planning. The establishment and development of the company's corporate culture, product culture, management culture;
6 with the leadership in charge of the development of the overall promotion of the direction of the program, the monthly, quarterly and annual marketing plan.
Job requirements:
1 Bachelor degree or above, more than five years related working experience, with advertising, marketing background and fast consumer goods, pharmaceutical and health industry experience is preferred;
2 responsible, good at communication, have good language skills and negotiation skills;
3 basic marketing concept, with a certain value judgment ability and communication ability;
4 full of innovative spirit, has a good sense of teamwork.

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