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Job description:

Job responsibilities:
1 establish the training system according to the company's overall strategy, including the establishment of the system, the integration of resources and operation management;
2 bear the subject of knowledge related to medical professionals;
3 organize internal and external staff medical related professional knowledge training;
4 organize product sales training;
5 organize expert training team.
Job requirements:
1 Bachelor degree or above, more than 5 years of well-known large and medium-sized pharmaceutical and nutritional health care, fast disappear, enterprise training supervisor working experience;
2 have good psychological quality, as well as public expression ability, excellent planning, organization and coordination ability;
3 have a good sense of service, strong affinity, cheerful and lively personality, passion; work carefully and seriously, and active, writing skills;
4 skilled use of office software, as well as PPT, Photoshop and other related software.

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