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Guaranteed control

Enterprise through the continuous and effective operation of quality management system, to ensure the effective implementation of GMP, GMP, anti pollution, anti cross contamination, anti aliasing, anti error, the core concept throughout the whole process of production. Through the monitoring of the whole process, full coverage of drug production, reduce and avoid human errors; through the standardized operation, effectively prevent medicine pollution; through strict operation SOP and technical standards, to ensure the stability and controllability of the production process; through the implementation of 5S, PDCA, six sigma quality management concept and SPC. Continuously improve the quality management level.
The company has built a laboratory quality control standard, perfect quality inspection system, equipped with drugs needed for the production of the whole process of the testing equipment and facilities, the system of affecting the quality of the key elements of the production process control elements for effective monitoring. Establish and perfect the quality data analysis system, collect and process the quality data, identify the potential risks in a timely manner, formulate corrective and preventive measures to avoid or reduce the risk of quality. Regular review of product quality, to ensure that the process is stable and reliable, timely detection of adverse trends, to determine the direction of product and process improvement.

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