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Construction quality

Quality is no small matter, fine into the big industry. Pharmaceutical enterprises as a production and people's lives and health are closely related to the product of the enterprise, to ensure high quality of qualified products, is the most fundamental operational principles of pharmaceutical enterprises. Sincere emblem of medicine has always been around the needs of customers, strict control of product quality. Through strengthening the quality management, carry out special rectification, strong after-sales service system, and create quality culture and other measures, and constantly improve the quality management capabilities, to provide customers with product life cycle of quality assurance.
Continued improvement of new students steadily
In the development of nearly 50 years, sincere emblem of the medicine has always adhered to the strict attitude of the consumer is responsible for the quality of life as a guarantee of survival and development. After years of exploration, gradually formed the quality objectives and quality policy has the characteristics, the emblem medicine exactly fits the actual development, the implementation of "one vote veto" system, the quality of practice quality and integrity, strengthen risk management, strengthen the quality of innovation, the quality of work and management level of continuous improvement, steady improvement.
At present, sincere medicine has entered a new stage of development. With the rich days after the reorganization of assets, to share more sincere emblem medicine resources, seize the opportunity to do real work, accelerate the transformation and upgrading, to seize the market and resources. Further increase the assessment and supervision, and actively introduce and adopt scientific management concept, strengthen internal control and management, improve the performance appraisal, salary incentive mechanism, to the management to benefit.
Key to strengthen the "number one" quality awareness
Leadership always stand in the social responsibility of paying more attention to the drug quality management work, and keep in mind: medicine is used to save lives, every bottle of medicine may be related to a person's health and life, to ensure that every drug use to drug safety is the most basic responsibility of pharmaceutical enterprises.
A sincere emblem medicine staff always adhere to the "quality by design for manufacturing, inspection, better than the" concept of quality management into the whole process of product design, development, production, testing, sales, in strict accordance with the "laws and regulations of the drug production management law" and "the quality of drug production management norms", and to strengthen quality management, improve the overall quality management system of the enterprise, the commitment to implement drug quality responsibility, casting brand responsibility, quality and development, to ensure the public safety, healthy life "".
Increase system construction and resource investment
Quality is the lifeline of a pharmaceutical enterprise, and it is also a key link of sincere emblem medicine "high technology plus scale economy" development strategy, adhere to the "full participation, quality assurance, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction," the quality policy, quality consciousness into the corporate culture and values, through forward-looking management, independent innovation, science and technology progress, ensure continuous improvement of quality management, improve the overall quality of products.
By setting the sincere emblem medicine to improve the quality of management of resource allocation, management organization, formed three level responsibility system, quality management is the enterprise legal person is the first responsibility of product quality, department head is the primary responsibility for the quality of the products, the production staff is directly responsible for the quality of products, the formation of the core the framework of quality, everyone all quality.
Integrity and strict quality and safety of drugs
Drug is directly related to human health and life safety, if the pharmaceutical companies do not speak good faith, not heavy security, consumers are not only the loss of money, as well as health and life. In order to this responsibility, sincere emblem of the drug at all times adhere to the drug quality and integrity of the commitment. Through quality risk management to ensure quality and safety, in the company's quality management documents to increase the quality of the "quality of risk management SMP", the risk management system.
To collect and identify potential quality and safety risk information, analysis, evaluation of quality and safety risks, formulate the corresponding risk prevention and control plan, take effective measures to eliminate or reduce the quality of security risks, and establish a sound mechanism and quality traceability system of emergency treatment quality and safety risk, the enterprise quality management level go up to a new level. And strictly in accordance with the laws and regulations of the organization of production and operation, strict quality control in the product, do not have a problem of drug delivery. Strengthen process monitoring, strict implementation of GMP, operating procedures.

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