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Marketing network

Sincere emblem of medicine has covered the country's multi-channel marketing network. The company marketing center located OTC business department, medical department, circulation division professional sales department, national key provinces offices, sales channels, business oriented chain, terminal, hospital, clinic pharmacy sales, from hospitals to pharmaceutical companies, wholesale channels refining operation.
Marketing force as a powerful engine pulling the development of enterprises, based on the "we are the customer and consumer health products development service providers" marketing positioning, sincere emblem medicine has formed the scale of hospitals, business transfer, retail chain, third terminal integrated services go hand in hand with the marketing channel system, network and terminal deep second, wide coverage, high quality "direct coverage.

OTC division, the market network of fine, it has 21 regional marketing team, distributed in 280 cities, 2800 counties, the military forces to build team discipline, create "fine professional, strong executive, marketing team and cultural norms of justice". Currently has more than 100 thousand terminal customer partners, marketing network covering primary health care, pharmacy, hundred chain, has a good reputation and customer base in the industry, product promotion capabilities. Let OTC division control pins become the source of vitality of the marketing progress, committed to achieve all-round, full process and full time service to each terminal, stronger products, to achieve the first category, cultivate new potential, accelerate the expansion of the layout, realize the characteristic development and standardized development.

The medical department, the key customer facing all types of hospitals, medical institutions, business scope covers three hospitals, community hospitals, township hospitals, with offices in the country more than 30 provinces, has developed more than two hospitals of more than 1000, with a high-quality professional medical marketing team. As one of the core marketing department, medical department development of double strokes as the center, to team training, refine the market, consolidate the position of active investment, the release of varieties of potential, eliminate blank, successful transformation. The medical institutions and services based on the depth of transverse development based on the interests of patients, medical division has established a nationwide quality customer network, the effective customer long-term plan, high start, strong.

The circulation department, cultivating national pharmaceutical business, top 100 chain and third terminals, the implementation of cross regional professional line management, and actively promote the sales network layout, to achieve full coverage of business. In Shaanxi, Henan, Guangdong, Hebei, Beijing, Heilongjiang and other important areas of the market, to establish a long-term stable strategic cooperative relations with many commercial companies and medical institutions at all levels, in the implementation of Chinese regional market depth permeate, formed a strong network advantage. The circulation department is the market operation ability of marketing team, committed to provide perfect customer service service system for customers, the whole continuous strategic support, meticulous and thoughtful marketing services, providing the market strong protection measures, to ensure the exclusive regional agency of broken ridge.

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