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Intelligent medical platform

Reconstruction of health care industry chain and service model of health management big data to achieve cure disease"

With the further increase of people living more and more intelligent and health policy reform, big data, networking, electronic information and other medical and health fields is to continue to penetrate, intelligent medical is also gradually into our life. In the field of health medicine sincere Hui has been in constant innovation for the mission, through the development of intelligent medical technology, materials and related products, active layout of intelligent medical field, seize the rapid development of intelligent health industry historical opportunity, reconstruction of medical and health industry chain and service mode, to realize the health management of "big data" whenever and wherever possible "preventive treatment of disease".

"Internet plus" era people enjoy intelligent medical

1, to subvert the traditional medical chemists conveniently
Health is related to people's livelihood, has been the domestic medical industry are facing the problem of shortage of medical resources, the efficiency and the people to see a doctor difficult, intelligent medical is a new medical mode of the Internet and big data based on deeper change people's way of medical treatment. When people have medical needs, no longer blindly go to the hospital, but the online submission of their symptoms and needs. Internet medical platform will be through large data processing and triage technology to the demand for the diagnosis and treatment of the doctor. Doctors make a preliminary judgment by viewing the disease information, there are some diseases such as skin problems can be directly diagnosis and treatment by video. For chronic disease or referral of patients, the Internet can let them establish long-term contact with the doctor, timely monitoring data, medication guide, truly disease management and rehabilitation after treatment, so that patients out of the hospital doctors and management.
2, professional data integration to achieve health care optimization services
The explosive growth of the medical industry let people see the convenience brought by the information in front of. However, with the development of medical information data showing a geometric multiple growth, the number of large, multi types of information storage and medical industry to the hospital industry has brought unprecedented pressure. All the people look forward to the intelligent health care is a kind of universal information platform, through the integration of various technologies, and gradually achieve information management, energy saving, while improving efficiency. Electronic medical records, for example, can save people from birth to death, and then realize the information integration management of patients. By building a regional medical data center, among different medical institutions, build medical information integration platform, individuals and between hospitals, hospitals and between hospitals, hospitals and health authorities between data fusion and information sharing and the exchange of resources, thus greatly enhance the rational allocation of medical resources, truly patient-centered.
3, the quality of resources to sink residents at the grassroots level
In the past the kind of "urban large hospitals are overcrowded, community hospitals neglected" the pattern is being changed. The implementation of the "sincere Hui County urban and rural medicine quality resource sharing" and "the municipal hospital and the city community health service center quality resource sharing" two major health project. Through the implementation of health care strategy, providing high-quality healthcare solutions for basic medical and health institutions, is committed to creating a complete "base value chain", to meet the needs of grassroots medical institutions in different stages of development. Grassroots doctors to learn the common disease diagnosis and treatment of green skills, improve the professional level of grassroots doctors, really let the residents in the community can enjoy basic medical services, disease prevention and public health service and common disease.
Intelligent health care continues to create a new layout of health management services

With the rapid development of networking, cloud computing, mobile Internet, smart healthcare as one of the practical, close to the people's livelihood, the market demand is relatively strong, it is foreseeable that intelligent medical will greatly improve the existing medical order, reconstruction of the doctor-patient relationship has become an important supplement of our health care system. In the field of intelligent medical future, sincere emblem medicine have reason to believe that the doctor will not be subject to geographical and time constraints, both patients in which corner of the earth, intelligent computer doctor will most accurate diagnosis and treatment recommendations for the first time give people for thousands of years "has died of disease disease" the dream will become reality.

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