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Jingcheng Huiyao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary by Shenzhen Tatfook SCBD Investment Group. Ever used the name of “Traditional Chinese Medicine factory of Anhui Province Bengbu City,Anhui Fukang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.,Anhui Zhonghe Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.”.The company is a comprehensive modern pharmaceutical enterprise which focus on researching & developing, manufacturing Chinese Medicine Syrup、Health Products、Fish Oil Emulsion、Vitamin Syrup、Trace Element Syrup、Western Medicine Syrup、Processing of Chinese Herbal Pieces、Plant Extracts etc.

Jingcheng Huiyao  possess 50 exclusive varieties and more than 100 foreign trade varieties.

Herbal Syrup:Neurozin Syrup、Maraton Waist Strengthening Tonic、Cordyceps Eucommia waist tonic、Herbal Viagra、Shenmai Tonifying Qi Solution、Bone Graft Syrup plus Jujube and Ginseng、Nocuf Syrup plus Echinacea、Panax Tuckahoe Gekko Syrup、Six-ingredient Rehmanniae Syrup、Waist Strengthening Tonic、Hua-Qi Ginseng Extractum、Sedative syrup plus Semen Zizyphi  Spinosae、Fei'er Kang Syrup、Beauty Wife Syrup、Sedative syrup.

Fish oil Syrup: Multidimensional Fish Oil Syrup, Omega-3 Fish Oil Emulsion, Vitamine-AD Fish Oil Syrup, Nine Dimensional Fish Oil Emulsion.

Trace elements: Multidimensional Syrup、Provitam Syrup、Piavitam Syrup、Prevital syrup、Calvit-D syrup、Ferro-plus Syrup、Ferro-vita Syrup、Zinc Syrup、Calcium Syrup with Magnesium Zinc Orange Juice、FUNNY BEAR、BABE HEALTH、SYRUP VITA、VITAPOL、SUPER VITA、ABLE PENGUIN、KID-VITA、CALSIVIT

Health Products: Collagen Pomegranate Juice、Bovine Colostrum、Calcium for Kids etc.

Undertake customized Chinese medicine tablets, capsules, pills, granules, syrup medicine products, processing trade is also acceptable.

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