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Pharmaceutical companies to adjust the layout of "two votes" policy trend to understand it

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National health care reform into the deep water area, frequent top-level design ultimate, price reform, drug centralized purchasing, pay for health insurance, tax reform policy generous launched, especially in 2016 under the State Council in health care reform of strategic measures, promote pharmaceutical industry overall a new round of surging rapids, the pharmaceutical market is facing disruptive change. The whole process of the medical system changes, the drug production and business enterprises, how to quickly adapt to the new market situation, adjust the layout to become the most important task of the current enterprise development.
Drug classification and procurement
Drugs to implement classification procurement, "a move to set the world" phenomenon is no longer. According to state-run 2015 Document No. 7 and Planning Commission Document No. 70 clear provincial drug centralized procurement guidelines, since 2015 provincial drug centralized purchasing characteristics changed greatly, most provinces of drug bidding by pre based medicine "two envelope" bid and business bid the lowest standard of 56 file based drug bidding mode, has been changed to relatively mild drug price negotiations, the competition of varieties of double envelope bidding, cheap drugs, women and children's medication directly linked to the network and the shortage of medicines designated production procurement pattern classification.
In the last round of general rules based medicine "separate supply" exclusive bid, bid means exclusive market. A tender bid, if the price is appropriate, the agent of the chamber of Commerce initiative to come, enjoy the music into 1 ~ 3 years or even longer (a standard period), the operator lying at home, the number of money is good. Signs of active market competition after the implementation of classification according to category, in addition to increased health care negotiations and fixed-point production varieties, directly linked to the network of a large number of species increased net hanging over to say, leave some clinical purchase amount is large, the market competition is not sufficient, there is no uniform standard of products still take "double envelope" evaluation, business standard low bid way, but after several rounds of repeated bombing, many companies bidding strategy tends to be rational, no longer take blind and radical suicide price, the market also appeared in the competition, "a dominant" Price Bureau quietly change gradually diversified market competition and replacement.
Medical cost control
Medicare policy moves to participate in the regulation of medical expenses. In promoting the integration of health care across the country, two of the city, the implementation of the policy, while the reform of Medicare payment methods have also opened the curtain. May 2015, the national development and Reform Commission and other seven departments jointly launched the views on the reform of drug prices. Drug price liberalization, the market decided by the state to regulate the drug price regulation and control of drug procurement and medical insurance control fees and other play a role, and to determine the progress of Medicare payment standard schedule requirements. However, the reform of health care costs is also a comprehensive project involving a wide range, complex procedures, through multi seminar, today, Medicare payment standard is still in the stage of comment.
Medicare as the foundation to pay cost position basically established, some provinces one after another pilot explore the Medicare payment reform, Zhejiang, Anhui, Chongqing and other places or according to the price, or according to the actual purchase price, in succession formulate the province medicine health care payment standard. Fujian Province is directly issued a notice, the publicity of medicines and medical insurance payment standard, according to the different enterprises and the name of the drug, to provincial drug centralized purchasing leading group to determine the finalists Medicare drug sales price as Medicare payment limit.
Recently, Sanming City, Fujian has launched a "on the development of hospital costs paid by the work of all the notice" to further accelerate the reform of Medicare payments to explore the process of reform. According to the Planning Commission statistics, the country currently has 85% of the overall area of carry out to pay the total control, there are a variety of payment methods, such as DRGs, pay per service unit, capitation payment, there are the implementation of composite type pay.

    Pilot provinces and cities to increase
Added to increase the health care reform pilot provinces and cities, "Sanming mode" in the promotion of the pilot provinces, "camp to add" trial "two tickets system" in the pilot provinces and cities, grading treatment gradually implemented. This year, the amount of information industry policy has stunning, state-run [2016]11 document "on promoting the healthy development of the pharmaceutical industry guidance", April 6, executive meeting of the State Council, state-run "to deepen the reform of the medical and health system in 2016 key tasks, and national level a series of meetings, documents and policies emphasized deployment for the pharmaceutical industry a series of heavy policy on stage one after another, have expressed a layer of meaning: the domestic healthcare system must be reformed and drug production and operation process must be reshaped. Difference and the daily consumer goods industry has been mature multiple distribution agent system, to enhance the transparency of the circulation of drugs, reduce the intermediate link.
For the drug distribution chaos, overwhelmed by the reform of the determination and efforts of unprecedented, reaches the shock of the impact strength of the pharmaceutical market. With respect to the foreign domestic agency policy unified + academic marketing "mature business model, take the majority of domestically produced drugs price merchants, layer distribution in front of the new deal apparently fell to leeward, market circulation flow adjustment imminent, adjust the marketing mode of enterprises imminent. There is no doubt that, in the policy driven market environment, have started a new round of market reshuffle, who can adapt to the new market situation changes and the transition faster, who will be able to lead the market, hesitation may will fall behind.
In addition, the pharmaceutical business development, consistency of generics quality and efficacy evaluation, registered review and approval system reform, curb the clinical use of antibiotics etc. policy also has a profound impact on the pharmaceutical market, the enterprise must play the spirit of twelve, cautious to deal with complicated policy changes to ensure that not be eliminated in the fierce competition.

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