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Chinese medicine has a "and run" and "lead" the new situation

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All ages go in, and that traditional Chinese medicine has become the life and health of the guardian. In the modern civilized society and the history of the stage, Chinese medicine showed a "and run" and "lead" of the new situation. General secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "there is no universal health, there is no comprehensive well-off". Traditional Chinese medicine in physical fitness, prolong life of the unique effect is unique in the circle, the dissemination and application of knowledge in traditional Chinese medicine, through the ages is master father grant, self-taught. Especially with the new carrier of "Internet" to traditional Chinese medicine of "treatment based on syndrome differentiation" prevention before disease, preventing disease from exacerbating "" virtue for medicine "series of essence of classification, segmentation, time-sharing thick planting in people's work and life, is not only professional knowledge of medical education and the popularization, but draw inferences about other cases from one instance, become Khalid cultivate one's morality, philosophy of inspirational quotes, the culture of traditional Chinese medicine become foster and improve personal accomplishment, and become the important way to enhance the comprehensive quality of the whole nation compulsory, elective, will use the masterpieces.
The integration of resources to go out, so that Chinese medicine has become a contributor to the achievements of labor and civilization. Two thousand years ago, our ancestors with "Yin and Yang five elements theory" and "the overall concept", the harmony between man and nature, such as the simple system theory, control theory, to make a special contribution to human health. Over the past 30 years of reform and opening up, China's comprehensive national strength has leapt to the forefront of the world, Chinese medicine has become a cultural ambassador for the exchange of open to the outside world, and it plays an important role in the reform and opening up. In the face of the demand and Prospect of The Belt and Road "big market, collaborative strength, co-ordination of resources, government led, market subject, equal consultation, cluster, multi-point multi polar, step-by-step implementation of the effective mode, the TCM resources into the circulation of international market to go into industry advantage. Both in the first industry scientific, large-scale cultivation, and in the second industry, standardization and modernization of production, tertiary industry more precise, the group of services to prevent singles alone, play fast and loose type of partial home idle, race to surge the motivity of the development of Chinese medicine.
Innovative features to go up, so that Chinese medicine has become a threat to people to overcome the disease of the participants. With the change of disease spectrum and the transformation of medical service mode, the development of Chinese medicine is facing an unprecedented challenge. As to the division of ancient and not imitation, but can not do nothing. Therefore need to emancipate the mind, break down the barriers and sectarianism, the traditional thinking and practice with social openness and cooperation depth fusion, each other, learn from each other, aiming at the forward direction of world medicine development goals and professional discipline construction, constantly improve the mechanism, has motivated the exploration of innovation and entrepreneurship, international standards and demonstration of the formation, accelerate the development of a new theoretical achievements and practical results.
Highlight the focus of the past, so that traditional Chinese medicine to become people's lives and production process of equality and mutual benefit, cooperation and win-win practice. In the theme of peace and development in the world, Chinese medicine into the international market is facing a rare opportunity. Both to the suitable cultivation of Chinese herbal medicines to send out planted in exotic places, become is not only edible products, should be to improve the living environment and beautify the natural environment of the boutique, the TCM characteristic treatment technology and service to send out spread around the world, actively cultivate the localization of a variety of resources and backbone. In particular, we must focus on one place, one thing, one person, one party, from the humanistic service, rules and other key aspects of code into the local community.
Go to Chinese medicine fully inclusive and equitable, become a modern civilization and the advancement of medical technology pioneer. Traditional Chinese medicine as China's unique health resources, huge economic resources, original scientific and technological resources, outstanding cultural resources and important ecological resources, in the realization of the great rejuvenation of the road to motorists must "innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing development of the concept of the five leading all-round development of medicine of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, adhere to the inclusive and perseverance to go on. Should pay more attention to with the help of information engineering, genetic, biological environment, electron optics, modern logistics in various subjects and fields of mutual penetration fusion, the advantage and essence of modern medicine and other traditional medicine of ethnic minorities interweave together, plan, choice, step by step, target inclusive and fully promote the transformation of the achievements enhance, in the field of modern civilization and the advancement of science and technology to Chinese medicine become those who adhere to the rare and the Portland Trail Blazers. (the author is secretary of the Party committee of Sichaun College of Traditional Chinese Medicine)
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