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"13th Five-Year" Outline: the building of the "health Chinese" from eight aspects to promote

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The outline from the deepening of the reform of the medical and health system, sound universal health insurance system, strengthen the prevention and control of major diseases and basic public health services, strengthen maternal and child health care and family planning services, improve the medical service system, promote the inheritance and development of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), extensive nationwide fitness campaign, guarantee the safety of food and drugs eight aspects to promote the health of China construction put forward specific requirements.
"Compendium" put forward, implementation of a medical, health care, medicine linkage, to promote the separation of medicine; comprehensively promote the comprehensive reform of public hospitals, established in line with the characteristics of the health care industry personnel salary system; encourage research and development of new drugs, will have listed innovative drugs and consistency evaluation of drugs through the priority for inclusion in the health insurance directory; encourage social forces to establish the health services, promote the equal treatment of the non-profit private hospitals and public hospitals. Perfect medical insurance stably and sustainable financing and reimbursement ratio adjustment mechanism; improve the serious illness relief and emergency rescue system disease; reform of medical insurance management and payment, achieve sustainable health insurance fund balance; explore the establishment of long-term care insurance system, to carry out long-term care insurance pilot; improve the medical liability insurance system; maternity insurance and basic medical insurance for the implementation of the merger.
"Program" requirements, improve the national basic public health service project and major public health service projects, strengthen maternal and child health, public health, tumor, mental disease control and prevention, pediatric etc. weak link capacity construction; implementation of the strategy of comprehensive prevention and control of chronic diseases; reduce the infection rate in population of hepatitis B virus, the AIDS epidemic control in low epidemic levels, tuberculosis incidence has decreased to 58/10 million, the basic elimination of schistosomiasis, malaria elimination, the harm of leprosy; vigorously promote a ban on smoking in public places, carry out the patriotic public health campaign and for building a healthy city, with strong national nutrition program and mental health services. Full implementation of hospital childbirth subsidy system, the provision of free basic medical and health services in the whole process of reproduction to maternal, infant mortality, 5 year-old following child mortality, maternal mortality were reduced to 7.5%, 9.5%, 18 / 10 million.
The outline proposed optimization medical institution arrangement, strengthen the professional public health institutions, basic medical and health institutions and hospitals between division of labor and cooperation; the establishment of a comprehensive diagnosis and classification system; strengthening the building of the contingent of medical health, the implementation of national health personnel security engineering and a doctor, pediatrician training plan; through the improvement of working conditions and remuneration, promotion of health care resources to the Midwest tilt, to the grassroots and the rural migrant; improve physician multi-point practice system; the full implementation of clinical path; per thousand population practicing (Assistant) physicians to 25000. To improve the medical service system of traditional Chinese medicine, to strengthen the construction of clinical research base and scientific research institutions of traditional Chinese medicine, to promote the appropriate technology of traditional Chinese medicine, and to promote the service of Chinese medicine.
"Outline" clearly, the implementation of the national fitness strategy, the implementation of youth sports promotion program, improve the health monitoring system for young people. Implementation strategy for food safety, improve food safety laws and regulations, to improve food safety standards and the implementation of the whole industry chain traceability management; carry out national food safety city to create action; drug and medical device review and approval system reform deepening, explore in accordance with the independent model of corporate governance and reform the evaluation mechanism; to accelerate the improvement of food regulatory system, increase rural food and drug safety management efforts, improve supervision of network marketing food and drug.
"Program" to improve the level of protection of the people's livelihood related chapters put forward to carry out to deal with the aging population action and to strengthen top-level design, support the population aging response system is built to population strategy, fertility policy, employment system, pension services, health protection. Adhere to the basic state policy of equality between men and women and children first, to strengthen the protection of the rights and interests of women, minors, the disabled and other social groups.
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