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Future medical and health industry development will be the five major trends

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The reform of hospital stock system and the construction of community health institutions. To protect the national physical health by a mechanism, two financial resources, and the current situation is that the mechanism is not flexible, financial resources are not sufficient, mainly in the:
1, hospital construction by patients. The hospital outpatient building, hospital building more than 90% of all rely on bank loans to construction and owing on the loan in full responsibility to pay by the patients, patients pay for public hospital workers into the hospital "prospective shareholders", public hospital workers into the hospital continues to expand the scale of the only beneficiaries, and burden of the patients increased year by year, hospital is also the United States the name "non profit".
2, public hospital "by the patient to raise, in fact, the hospital had is not public, the public hospital employee salaries and bonuses over 90% on the hospital profit payment, rather than financial allocation, its nature and the western private hospital there is no essential difference between, patients over the years has been under the fact that" the high cost of health care ", and public hospital workers over the years has been in the cry of" poor "," oppression ", this contradiction has so far failed to resolve.
3, the basic medical insurance system is the core of China's "from China, saying China, the balance of payments". Medical expenses actually paid financial appropriation part is not much, in fact, quality and commercial medical insurance no much difference, unchecked, old people's medical insurance fee payment amount will be more and more high, may be the last will is even forced to buy "are not willing; the establishment of a tax for basic medical major sources of payment system, health system compatible with the socialist.
4, to strengthen the construction of community health institutions, directly from the financial services system, is to reduce the cost of medical services to the people of the effective way.
5, more than 70% of the existing public hospital reform, subscribe public hospitals equity funds used to supplement medical insurance fund, joint-stock hospital as a special tax for profit hospital into the medical insurance fund, which is effective way to, the share-holding system of public hospital reform campaign is imperative.

Two, competition among medical institutions and physicians is more obvious. No pressure, no competition, unable to provide quality health care services, and the current situation is, high-quality resources effect is not good, with 3 armour hospital resources to meet the basic medical service itself is "high consumption" and "extreme waste", the current strength is not very consistent.
1, the medical industry of the future, more medical institutions does not depend on this sign "hospital," eat, but rely on technology and services to ensure competitive advantage, each competitor a to keep the advantage, we need a marketing platform, the emergence of medicine just to meet the needs of the.
2. At present, the labor remuneration of doctors has two forms: one is ganhaoganhuai a kind, the second is by kickbacks, received a red envelope reflect the value. In fact, as far as the doctor is concerned, they are not willing to do so. The emergence of more joint-stock hospitals in the future, physicians truly multi point practice, physicians have more practice to choose the space. A doctor to reflect their own value, can be achieved through two aspects, one is to become a famous doctor, the implementation of price, two is to see more patients, for more patients. Physicians want to quickly do it must be with the help of a people are willing to accept the rapid promotion platform, boast propaganda obviously is not the best way.
Three, the relative surplus of medical human resources. In recent years, the rapid development of medical industry, medical institutions of human resources demand will enter a slow period, at the same time medical college graduates is growing, newly graduated medical students apart from PubMed and choose community health agencies, there appears to be little other choice (medical representatives due to policies to combat the significant excess), outside the hospital services and healthcare consulting will gradually rise, medical consultation is the industry will become a popular choice for the employment of medical students.
Four, due to the current medical and health care industry credit degree low, health care consulting industry will become more and more by popular, the industry may there will be explosive growth situation.
1, people on medical, health, health care industry integrity and the question, people want to understand the industry of information channels, at present to understand the channels mainly include: (1) books: purchase and access to time-consuming, and difficult to understand; network service by time, place, affecting population, service efficiency rate is low, authenticity is also cohabitation; third, newspapers and magazines: the personal is not strong, poor timeliness.
2, people need more in medical and health (public health, food hygiene and health to be efficient, fair (credibility), high quality information, but the this demand cannot be satisfactory, also does not have a platform to provide efficient and high quality, fair medical information consulting services, medical knowledgeable appear this situation will change.
3, due to family further decomposition, dating environment further reduced, people are hard to make understand medicine person or from their parents and relatives received traditional health knowledge, so the younger generation of medical, health care, health consultation platform the thirst for more and more.
4, the future of health care in the consulting industry characteristics: due to the increasing awareness of the public health, not just for medical treatment, in terms of food security, public health and personal health care demand is more and more strong. This means that the scope of public health consultation will be more extensive, content is more common.
Five, health care, health consulting industry will become the future development of the fastest health industry. In order to promote the development of this industry, we should actively promote the medical consultant certification, through the relevant government departments to the medical advisory certification system, to promote the establishment of medical consulting. With the medical consultant career, will promote the development of the industry; with the development of the industry, to form a real estate industry.
At some point in the future, the administrative department of health of the state in order to implement the tube do separation, the medical dispute mediation and the identification of the medical malpractice related things to entrust the third party to implement, health care consulting industry is possible to obtain medical dispute mediation processing power, the Medical Accident Identification Organization in. Medical consultation industry get government approved premise, medical consultation industry (we called for the medical profession of the third industry will usher in opportunity of booming, every Chinese people have health advisors (private medical consultant) era.
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