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Chinese medicine master apprentice Daniel Chan held Chinese Medicine Inheritance adds a heritage of strength

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Inheritance is the root of traditional Chinese medicine, inheritance is the soul of traditional Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine has been able to continue to develop for thousands of years, has a strong vitality, in addition to its own contains a wealth of philosophy and humanistic spirit, the key lies in the "heritage" two words. In April 12th, Anhui Institute of medicine sincere like-minded Chinese medicine master Daniel Chan inherited the apprentice will be held in a grand. Bow tea and offered the salute, reading training posts - hundreds of people attended the ceremony Shoutu witness this moment.
After the ceremony, traditional ceremony process, let people feel to the inheritance of respecting virtue, also felt the profound and profound foundation of traditional Chinese medicine. At present, the development of traditional Chinese medicine is facing an unprecedented historical opportunity. The inheritance and development of traditional Chinese culture, is our sacred duty entrusted by history. We are here today to hold a ceremony, is to promote the development of Chinese medicine with their own strength. Love is the soul, high school teacher, who is the norm. Formal worship into Daniel Chan Master under the door three disciple will also remember master exhortations, is committed to continuous research and pursuit of Chinese medicine, for "Everbright Chinese culture, to create a paradise of health, conquer incurable diseases, the achievements of medical dream" to make new and greater contributions!

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