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Into the project construction site first feel the pulse of the development of Huaiyuan County in Bengbu was to enhance the transformation of the scale of early spring area

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Into the first line of the project to develop the construction of the pulse
Bengbu Huaiyuan County white spring area to enhance the transformation of the scale of the early

White latex spring scenic spot is famous tourism scenic spot of Huaihe River Valley in Northern Anhui, numerous scenic spots and historical sites, beautiful natural scenery, cultural heritage deep. To effectively accelerate the white latex spring scenic spot construction, enhance the scenic quality, create a national 5A tourist and cultural attractions, 2014 sincere emblem Medicine Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen enlightenment Health Management Co., Ltd. joint Huaiyuan County government the formal signing of the white latex spring scenic area comprehensive improvement project. At present, the project area Mahatma temple, Fangsheng Chi, Mei Zijian etc. more than 10 spots of foundation engineering are speeding up the construction, which Mahatma temple has been basically completed. Plan will be carried out in October 1, 2016, the official opening of the trial operation in December 1st.

The project total investment of about 1 billion yuan, with a total area of 680 acres of land use in Huaiyuan County, richly endowed by nature ecological resources, tourism resources and the characteristics of Chinese medicine resources, in accordance with the "overall layout of mountain surface water, mountain water around the ring", divided into "along the two five areas, namely Jingshan mountain belt, white spring to milk Stephen ancient historical and cultural axis, South pool to King Temple religious culture of the western natural forest area, auxiliary shaft, Southeast of white springs Historic District, Eastern religious and Cultural District in the north, Ruquan ancient folk customs area and the northwest health district, which will also build the emblem emblem Cultural Museum, medicine medicine medicine people vibration the drug trade street, prominent to publicize traditional Chinese medicine culture, and strive to create a set of tourism, tourism services, medicine, sports, leisure, Tai Chi and other commercial facilities comprehensive cultural tourism as one of the king District, the domestic traditional Chinese medicine culture display communication platform to promote the development of social welfare undertakings.

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